about us

Welcome to our travel blog!

This is Chris, Don, and Marta, the creators of True Scandinavia. Our aim is to make this a place for those interested in traveling Scandinavia and turn it into the most comprehensive travel guide about Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.


We have been traveling together for almost a decade now, at times adopting a nomadic lifestyle that accommodates our passion for wandering. Of course, Scandinavia is not the only place in the world we’ve been exploring these past years. However, it’s been the one we have come to love the most and the one that two of us have been calling home for a few years now (At the time of writing this, Chris is currently residing in Norway, and Don spends most of his time in Denmark).

How it all started

It all started in 2013 when a chance meeting in Aalborg between a university student, a digital nomad, and an aspiring artist, brought our little team together and led to a strong friendship and countless exciting adventures. Eventually, we decided to create this blog dedicated to our favorite region of the world and make it the most complete travel information resource for Scandinavia.



Though Scandinavia is the region we know most about, we surely haven’t ignored the rest of the Nordic countries. You can expect that an article or two about Iceland, Greenland, Finland, Faroe, and Aland Islands will come up from time to time as we get more and more acquainted with these beautiful countries.



Feel free to contact us at our email info@truescandinavia.com.