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When you are in Scandinavia, it’s not a question of what to do, but more of what to do first. Specifically, breathtaking landscapes, unique natural wonders, stylish cities, and peculiar festivals are just a few things that await you. The diversity of scenery, people, and culture makes it hard to bottle down the essence of Scandinavia into one destination. For this reason, True Scandinavia will provide you with all types of activities for travelers, making sure your Scandinavian trip will be a life-changing experience.

While seeing the aurora borealis is the top reason most people visit Scandinavia, there are many more exciting things to do. Hiking along the fjords in Norway, sailing in the Stockholm Archipelago, trying the Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen, driving the Atlantic road, staying in an Ice Hotel in Sweden, photographing the dunes in Denmark, and riding the Korketrekkeren are just a few of the unique activities Scandinavia has to offer. Particularly, exploring, biking, trekking, hiking, sailing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, caving, rock climbing, scuba diving, paragliding, and bungee jumping. Whatever activity you enjoy most, you can find it in its best form in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Do you need help creating a perfect travel bucket list for your trip? Now, True Scandinavia guides you through the best unmissable experiences, the most breathtaking sights, and the fascinating tastes!

From skiing to sailing and from canoeing to rock climbing, if you’re looking for adventure Scandinavia will offer you plenty of options to choose from. You can find enough places for hiking and trekking in Norway, you can try skiing and snowboarding in Sweden or canoeing and kayaking in Denmark. Scandinavian countries are home to the best outdoor pursuits, offering hundreds of activities in beautiful natural settings.

Although it has been looked down on for decades, in the past few years the Scandinavian dining scene has transformed to be one of the most exciting in the world. Scandinavian cuisine has traditionally been healthy and simplistic. But now a new restaurant culture in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark has received worldwide attention with a lot of chefs creating quality, innovative and affordable plates.

Best known for its focus on minimalism, functionality, and use of natural materials, Nordic art has been gaining international interest. Contemporary art galleries, legendary architecture, and historical museums are just the start of what Scandinavian culture has to offer. Art can be discovered everywhere in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, with local and foreign artists presenting their work in places of historical significance. 

Experiencing the beauty and culture of Scandinavia also means spending time exploring its urban areas. The Scandinavian countries are full of vibrant cities and small towns that offer all the culture, history, architecture, and nightlife travelers are looking for. In the capital cities, you will find everything for every taste or age, from fairytale streets, green parks, and small coffee shops to casual bars and clubs of the highest standard.

Scandinavia is home to some of the world’s most fascinating natural attractions. Countless fjords, green hills, beautiful lakes, and snowy forests are just some of the highlights waiting to be explored in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Stunning landscapes and natural beauty can be found anywhere in the region. If you are a nature lover and planning your trip to Scandinavia there is a pick of destinations that can’t be missed.

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