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Kiruna is one of the best places to see Aurora Borealis. Located within the aural zone, the chances of witnessing the northern lights in Kiruna are great.

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Few places in the world offer better viewing of the Northern Lights than Norway. Oslo is a starting point for millions of …

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Trysil ski resort

Trysil ski resort is Norway’s largest ski area, located in the municipality of Lom. The area has a total of 471 km2 …

Over 200 log cabins in Sweden provide free accommodation

Free accommodation in Sweden for travellers and hikers About 200 free cabins in Sweden are available to anyone that wants to experience …

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Hi there! We are three friends obsessed with traveling and, to state the obvious, this is a travel blog about the countries that make up the mesmerizing region of Scandinavia!

Why specifically Scandinavia you ask? Well, traveling through Scandinavia has always been the biggest passion that all three of us share. We were always fascinated by the culture, the history of these lands, the breathtaking landscapes, the picturesque towns, the lively cities – everything these northern countries have to offer, we’ve seen it, we’ve done it, and are looking forward to seeing and do it again!

So, are you looking for travel guides to help you plan a trip to Scandinavia? You’re in the right place! Handy travel tips that will make your travel buddies impressed by your savvy? It’s all here! A plethora of articles about where to go, what to see, what to do, and how to do it? Plus, answers to all the obvious and not-so-obvious questions you may have had about what it’s like to live in or travel to Scandinavia?  We’ve got you covered!



The southernmost of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark combines seamlessly its modern Scandinavian architecture with the fairy tale charm and special atmosphere of the old picturesque towns. Though most tourists visit Copenhagen, the truth is that Denmark has much more to offer to the curious traveler. So what else is there to discover in Denmark besides its beautiful capital? Let’s find out!

Norway attracts tons of visitors and it’s easy to see why. Astonishing fjords, snow-capped mountains, the famous Northern Lights, beautiful coastal settlements… The list goes on and on, however, the typical visitor is not only looking to experience the breathtaking Norwegian landscape by engaging in a variety of outdoor activities. Art and cultural tourism are just as popular in Norway, proving that this country is so much more than just stunning nature!

It is true that a description such as “the perfect blend of wonderful natural attractions and fascinating urban experiences” would apply to many places in Scandinavia. Make no mistake, however, each one of the Scandinavian countries has its own identity and distinct character, with Sweden not being an exception. Amazing scenery and rich cultural heritage, lively cities, towns of elegant charm, exciting food scenes, all with a distinct Swedish touch. Sweden is a country you will surely come to love!

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northern lights Oslo

Few places in the world offer better viewing of the Northern Lights than Norway. Oslo is a starting point for millions of …

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