Is It Easy to Get from Copenhagen to Malmö?

Copenhagen Malmö train

The day trip from Copenhagen to Malmö is at the top of the list of effortless trips you can take in Scandinavia. You can visit two countries and two great cities, probably more comfortably and quickly than making your daily route to work.

The distance between Copenhagen and Malmö is only 45 kilometers, and the travel time is about 40 minutes. It is common for someone to live in one of the two cities, and work in the other.

There are several ways to get from Copenhagen to Malmö, including train, bus, car, and ferry. So, let’s see them all in detail.

Getting from Copenhagen to Malmö by train

There are more than 70 train departures from Copenhagen to Malmö every day. The ticket price is about $20 and the journey time is 45 minutes. A train departs approximately every 20 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station (København H). Therefore, it is not necessary to book a ticket in advance. There are also direct train services from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö. The ticket price is about the same, and the journey time is 20 minutes.

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Getting from Copenhagen to Malmö by bus

More than 15 buses depart from Copenhagen to Malmö every day. The ticket cost starts from $10, and the trip lasts about 70 minutes. The first departure is at 07:45 AM, and the last bus departs at 10:15 PM. As the schedules are constantly changing, you better check the departure times online before you travel. The best bus departure station from Copenhagen is Ingerslevsgade DGI. You can also take a bus from Copenhagen Airport.

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Getting from Copenhagen to Malmö by ferry

Before the Øresund Bridge, several ferries made the route from Copenhagen to Malmö and back. Nowadays, just a few people use the ferry to make this trip, but the option still exists. Specifically, the shipping company Øresundsbron still services this route, and the travel time is approximately 15 minutes. Seeing the Øresund Bridge, and the panoramic view of both cities from the ferry is magnificent. The only downside is the cost of the ride, which is about $130.

Ferry sailing from Copenhagen to Malmö.
Ferry servicing the route Copenhagen to Malmö. Image by  Wikimedia Commons

Getting from Copenhagen to Malmö by car

The journey from Copenhagen to Malmö by car takes 45-60 minutes, depending on traffic. It passes through the Øresund Bridge, which connects the southernmost part of Sweden with Denmark. The road is too easy, and the route offers panoramic views from both cities. You can also make the trip by taxi. The cost will be around $130.

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The Øresund Bridge Experience

The journey from Copenhagen to Malmö is a unique experience, and the main reason is the Øresund Bridge. Øresund Bridge is a railway and motorway bridge across the Øresund strait. It was built in 1995 and connects Denmark and Sweden. It is the longest bridge in Europe, and it takes 10 minutes to cross by car.

The reason why crossing the Øresund Bridge is such a unique experience is certainly not the view. The walls alongside the highway don’t leave much room to see much from the bridge and the cities. Also, you can’t park your car anywhere on the bridge.

However, the feeling of driving on something so majestic will be unforgettable. You can feel the height you are at, and sometimes, you can feel the swaying of the bridge. You will also clearly experience your passing from one country to the other.

The biggest downside to this route is the cost of tolls. It is currently at 495 DKK (approx. $70) for a single journey. Therefore, if you prefer a cheaper way to live the Øresund Bridge experience, we highly recommend taking the train.

  The Øresund Bridge.
The Øresund Bridge. Photo by Daniel Seßler on Unsplash

Do you need a passport to travel to Malmö from Copenhagen?

No, you do not need a passport to go from Copenhagen to Malmö, as long as you are a citizen of a Scandinavian country or the Schengen area. You only need to have your ID with you. Generally, you will rarely see any border control, no matter how you cross the Danish border with Sweden. However, checks have been recently increasing due to the increase in immigration flows to Sweden. That’s why you should carry all your travel documents on your Copenhagen to Malmö trip.

Highlights of Malmö for day-trippers

Malmö is a city you can see in one day. You can visit the city center parks and walk on the beautiful cobbled streets. It’s got an old market square and various modern shopping centers. If you go to Malmöhus Castle, you’ll have the chance to visit four museums: the Art Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Maritime House Museum, and the City Museum. They’re all in the same building. Furthermore, if you visit during summer, you must try swimming or just lazing around on one of the beaches in and near Malmö. Finally, you can try joining one of the organized tours, offered by several reliable travel agencies that operate here.

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Comparative analysis of modes of transport

Even on the simplest trips, each passenger has different needs and preferences. Let’s see which mode of transport suits the most common passenger needs, to help you decide which one to choose.

How to travel from Copenhagen to Malmö fast

The fastest way to get to Malmö from Copenhagen is by car. In 45 minutes, you can be right at your destination, without stops, and by crossing the Øresund Bridge in 10 minutes. So use a car if you want to save more time to see Malmö.

How to travel from Copenhagen to Malmö cheap

The cheapest way to get to Malmö from Copenhagen is by bus. The ticket costs about $12, and you don’t have to worry about tolls, gas, or other expenses. Therefore, if you are a budget traveler, the bus is the ideal mode of transport for you.

How to travel from Copenhagen to Malmö in comfort

The most comfortable way to get to Malmö from Copenhagen is by train. Copenhagen and Malmö Central Stations are conveniently located, offering frequent train services to both destinations. Furthermore, Danish and Swedish trains are modern and spacious, so you won’t have trouble finding a comfortable seat. So take the train if travel comfort is your top priority.

How to travel from Copenhagen to Malmö with a view

If you want to enjoy some amazing landscapes while traveling to Malmö, including the panoramic view of the Øresund Bridge, try traveling by ferry. Although the ferry services are not frequent, the journey is full of magical landscapes that will reward you for your choice. Therefore, if you love beautiful landscapes and photography, the ferry is the ideal mode of transport for you.

Mode of TransportTravel TimeLevel of Comfort
Train (Øresundståg)Approx. 45 minutesHigh – Comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and scenic views across the Øresund Bridge.
Car (via Øresund Bridge)Approx. 45 minutesModerate – Flexibility but subject to traffic. Toll applies. Scenic drive.
Bus (FlixBus or others)Approx. 1 hourModerate – Comfort varies, generally cost-effective. May involve transfers.
Ferry (Øresundsbron or others)Approx. 20-25 minutesHigh – Scenic ferry ride, comfortable seating. Limited daily departures. Involves transfers.
Note: Travel times are approximate and may vary based on specific routes, traffic conditions, or ferry schedules. Comfort levels are subjective and can depend on individual preferences.

So, how easy is it to get from Copenhagen to Malmö?

Traveling from Copenhagen to Malmö is easy! You have many choices between modes of transport, and they are all fast and reliable. If we have to find a negative in your decision to try this trip, it would be the high cost. But what is cheap in Scandinavia? So don’t even think about it! Whenever you find yourself in Copenhagen, find some time to take a day trip to Malmö. It’s super easy!

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