Is Trysil Ski Resort Worth Visiting?

Trysil ski resort

Trysil ski resort is Norway’s largest ski area, located in the municipality of Lom. The area has a total of 471 km2 and is spread over three different mountains: Trysil (1,812 m), Gjendin (1,734 m), and Kvitfossen (1,566 m). There are two main lifts on Trysil mountain; one to the top station and another to the bottom station.

The skiing season in Norway runs from mid-December until late April. The best time for skiing is between December and March when there is more snowfall than during other months. In addition to downhill skiing, cross-country trails are available at Trysil ski resort.

Trysil Ski Resort – Trysil Mountain

winter at Trysil mountain
Trysil mountain

The first lift was built in 1962, called “Trolltunga.” It was a fixed-grip chairlift that took skiers up to 1,200 meters above sea level. This lift was replaced by a gondola lift in 1980. The current T-bar lift is used since 1995. It takes skiers up to 2,000 meters above sea level.

The longest run is about 3 kilometers long. It starts at the top station and goes down through the forest before reaching the bottom station. There are four restaurants at Trysil. They serve traditional Norwegian food such as reindeer meatballs, salmon soup, and smoked salmon with dill cream sauce.

Top reasons to visit Trysil Ski Resort

skiing at Trysil ski resort
Skier at Trysil ski resort

In addition to the skiing facilities there are 3 more reasons to visit Trysil ski resort:

The nightlife of Trysil Mountain

Trysil ski resort is known for its large number of nightlife options. There are many bars and nightclubs where you can go dancing or have drinks after your day of skiing. Some of these places include:

  • Blue Bar – Located at the base of the T-Bar Lift.
  • Red Bar – Located at the top station.
  • Snow Bar – Located next to the T-Bar Lift and the restaurant.
  • White Bar – Located at the bottom station.
  • Green Bar – Located at the foot of the T-Bar lift.
  • Black Bar – Located at the end of the T-Bar Run.

 Hiking and other activities at Trysil ski resort

In addition to the nightlife and accommodation options, there are also some activities that visitors can do while staying at Trysil. You can participate in various sports like ice skating, sledding, dog sledding, horse riding, hiking, fishing, golfing, and paragliding!

If you want to experience the beauty of nature, then try going on a hike. Hiking is an excellent way to see the beautiful scenery around Trysil ski resort. Many people choose to visit Trysil because of the incredible views of the surrounding areas. Bring plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, and warm clothes if you decide to go hiking.

The relaxing environment of Trysil

The area around Trysil is known as “the land of the midnight sun” because of its long summer days and short winter nights. If you would instead relax than go out exploring, why not stay inside and watch a movie? There are several cinemas at Trysil that show movies all year round at Trysil ski resort.

Another option for those who prefer to stay indoors is to play video games. There are several arcades. It’s the perfect place for those who want to get away from it all but still be close enough to enjoy what this part of Norway offers.

How long is the ski season in Trysil ski resort?

Trysil is renowned for having an exceptional snow record and a long ski season, which usually lasts more than five months. Because winter temperatures in Norway are often a few degrees cooler than those in the Alps, the season in Trysil typically begins sometime in November, when there is a sufficient accumulation of snow.

Getting There

route 7 at Trysil ski resort
Route 7, Trysil, Norway


Three companies provide flexible ski package vacations to Trysil. Flexiski, Ski Safari, and ski Norway all sell trips that include flights to Oslo. They can organize almost everything, including transportation, lodging, and classes for you to take on the slopes.

Traveling independently

The airport that is most convenient for scheduled flights is Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport, which can be reached from the United Kingdom through British Airways (, Norwegian (, and SAS ( Trysil ski resort is not far from these airports. Ryanair ( operates flights departing from the United Kingdom to Oslo’s airports, Torp and Rygge.

Major vehicle rental organizations are present at Gardermoen Airport. Trysil is around a two-and-a-half-and-a-half-hour drive to the northeast of the airport. Even if you think you won’t need snow chains, bring them along just in case is wise.

Many buses depart daily with the Trysilekspressen (also known as the Trysil Express) that leave from the Gardermoen Airport in Oslo and head to Trysil. Along the route, they make various stops. The trip takes around two and a half to three hours, and one-way tickets cost NOK 496, while tickets for minors under 16 cost NOK 314. You may get the timetable by going to and following the link.

Getting around Trysil ski resort

Trysil landscape
Landscape of Trysil

Most of Trysil’s lodging is situated adjacent to the slopes, either on the front side of the resort (where the Turistsenter and Skihytta are) or on the rear side (where the Trysil Hyfjellssenter is). No matter which side you choose to establish yourself on, everything you are likely to require (including pubs, restaurants, and stores) will be located close by.

It is a lot of fun to ski around the 365-degree curve of the resort. But if you want to get from one end of the resort to the other without having to do it on skis, the ski bus is the ideal alternative. It is free with your lift pass. Some buses travel between the Trysil Hoyfjellssenter, the Turistsenter, and the town center. It is around 1.5 kilometers from the town center to the Turistsenter and approximately 10 kilometers from the town center to the Trysil Hyfjellssenter.

You may walk up and down a snow path between the town and the Turistsenter if you are feeling up to the challenge, or you can use one of the free orange stand-up sleds with a seat in the front. These sleds are available at the Turistsenter. If you are going to be traveling, you should have snow chains and winter tires with you. Especially winter tires are totally necessary.

Final Thoughts 

Trysil, Norway’s most northerly ski resort, is a small but lively place with a good range of accommodations and restaurants. It has been attracting visitors for years, but the recent opening of the new cable car to Gjendin Mountain has made it even more popular. Finally the village is beautiful, with its wooden chalets nestling in the mountainside above the river valley. There are no shops here, so you’ll need to stock up before you arrive. In conclusion, whether you are a winter sports enthusiast or not, Trysil has so much to offer to everybody and it is 100% worth visiting.

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