The Best Places for Hiking in and near Bergen

Places for hiking in and around Bergen

Bergen is a city with mountains, lush meadows, breathtaking fjord vistas, and just unique natural beauty. If you are a thrill seeker or an explorer who wants to visit some of Scandinavia’s most spectacular locations, you should go hiking in and near Bergen.

Bergen appears to be the ideal destination for enjoying hiking in Norway! In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, there are also countless options for hiking trails in the surrounding area. For that reason, Bergen is one of the most popular destinations to explore the hiking paradise of Norway.

Introducing Bergen

Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway, unites the sea and the highlands. If you wish to explore the most beautiful fjords of Norway, you should add Bergen to your bucket list. It is located in Vestland county, on the west coast of the country. Moreover, it is the best starting point for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts in Scandinavia.

Bergen international airport offers convenient access to the city and the mountains surrounding it. In addition, you can also explore other parts of Norway, such as Oslo or Stavanger, by train or car.

Bergen is renowned for being the entry point to some of the most spectacular landscapes in Norway. Even though the city is interesting, most tourists start their scenic hikes in the countryside. The best places for hiking in and near Bergen are listed below!

Mountain hike near Bergen.
View from a mountain hike near Bergen

The 7 Mountains

The 7 Mountains hike is considered a classic endurance test in the Bergen region. It’s been an annual event since 1948, organized by the Norwegian Trekking Association. Lyderhorn has been the first mountain on the itinerary since the early 1980s, followed by Damsgrdsfjellet, Lvstakken, Ulriken, Flyen, Rundemanen, and Sandviksfjellet.

The journey is around 35 kilometers long and gains 2200 meters in elevation. The most experienced hikers can complete it in just under five hours, while average participants should plan on taking at least eight. Of course, you can also complete the route independently outside the formal event. Its starting point is Gravdalsveien which is in Laksevg, Norway.


By the end of Lvstakken in Bergen, there is a pretty new hiking trail called Løvstien. You will find it next to Fjellveien, on the opposite side of Bergen’s city center. It connects the northern region of Melkeplassen to the southern part of Langegrden. It is a relatively easy route, making exploring a sizable hiking zone simple.

Moreover, if you want to hike with your family, you can get pushchairs and strollers too. The gravel road lets you hike easily to the end of the trail. Additionally, kids will love the six “nature rooms.” This place is set along the hiking trail on the northern side. It is a popular attraction for kids and adults, including climbing walls, ball games, and many other fun activities.

View from Bergen during hiking
Epic landscape from a Bergen hiking trail

Odda, Folgefonna National park

Glaciers are among the most stunning natural wonders of the highlands area. You will undoubtedly have the opportunity to view one in the Bergen neighborhood. This hike on our list of best hikes in Bergen takes you near Odda to the Folgefonna Nationalpark.

It is a beautiful hike from Bergen to Odda. It is also very easy, you will need 1.5 hours to get to the glacier. But to get to the hiking entry point, you will need to take the rough road from Odda to the Buardalen/Buarbreen Carpark.

After parking the car, you will take the only route to the glacier, which climbs the mountain directly up the river. There are so many varied sensations along the path up to the glacier. You will travel across rivers and snowfields while taking in the breathtaking valley vistas.

Please be aware that you must always take a guided trip to access the glacier. Signs indicating excursions and the risks of hiking alone will let you know when you have arrived at the designated glacier region.

Hananipa hike

Hananipa hike is easier to access than the other routes because it is located in Bergen city. It is the ideal option for anyone who doesn’t want to go very far yet still wants to take in the true beauty of the Norwegian wilderness.

To get to the Hananipa hike, you have to drive to Trengereid in Bergen. This starting location is a short distance up the hill from Trengereid. From here, continue on Skulstadsvegen all the way to the end. At Skulstadvegen, you can leave your vehicle and access the hiking trail. There is a designated parking area at the end of the road where you can leave your vehicle as well.

It is simple to find the correct trail because the Hananipa trek is clearly designated with signs. You will not get on the wrong track, don’t worry. When you start the hike, you will be amazed by the scenic view. You’ll climb across hills, cross a beautiful mountain stream, and even see some fjords.

It might take 1 to 2 hours to hike in Bergen’s Hananipa track. After reaching the summit, you have two options. You can either keep on exploring the trail for as long as you choose or stop to rest before returning to Bergen.

Hiking in and near Bergen landscape.
The landscape around Bergen hiking trails is dominated by lakes, fjords, and mountains


Stoltzekleiven is one of the best places for hiking in Bergen. But be prepared to climb the 900 stairs from Bergen city center up to Stoltzekleiven. However, if these are too many for you, remove Stoltzekleiven from your bucket list.

Stoltzekleiven is one of the most popular hiking trails in and around Bergen. You can stretch the route by traveling from the city center to the Fjellveien entrance in the Sandviken neighborhood of Bergen. The steep roads and stone stairs lead to Sandviksfjellet.

After reaching the summit, you will enjoy some of the most amazing views of Norwegian landscapes. And as you climb higher, the scenery becomes more spectacular. So if you get tired, you get the motivation to continue!
And if you continue the hike after reaching the summit, you will get to Mount Flyen. Don’t worry, you don’t have to descend the stairs since you can take the funicular back to the city.

However, be sure to check the weather before hiking. If you expect rain on the hiking day, don’t plan to hike. Because regardless of your fitness level, the stairs’ surface is primarily made of stone, and it can get pretty dangerous.

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