Can you See the Northern Lights in the Norwegian Fjords?

Northern Lights Fjords

Seeing the northern lights and visiting the fjords are the two main reasons, why people travel to Norway. But can they be combined in one trip? The answer is yes! Norway is one of the best places in the world to spot the northern lights, especially in the northern and western regions where the fjords are located. So, the chances of seeing the Northern Lights in the Norwegian fjords are high.

Additionally, the fjords offer a stunning backdrop for the aurora borealis by creating a contrast between the dark sea and the bright sky. Finally, the fjords also provide a variety of activities and attractions that will make your trip even more enjoyable, such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, skiing, wildlife watching, and cultural experiences.

When to See the Northern Lights in the Norwegian Fjords

The northern lights are visible in Norway between October and March. This is the season when the nights are long and dark, and the sky is clear. However, like in every part of the world, the Northern Lights are not always predictable. They depend on solar activity and weather conditions. The solar activity is measured by the Kp index, which ranges from 0 to 9, with higher numbers indicating stronger northern lights activity.

The best time of night to see the northern lights in the Norwegian fjords is between 9 pm and 2 am. But they can also appear earlier or later, depending on the solar activity and weather conditions. They can last from a few minutes to several hours, and change in shape, color, and intensity. The most common colors are green, purple, and pink, but sometimes you can also see blue, yellow, or red.

Before planning your trip to see the northern lights in the Norwegian fjords, it is important to check the aurora forecast and weather conditions. You can use some online tools or apps that provide real-time information and alerts about the northern lights’ activity and visibility. You can also ask the locals or your tour guides for advice on where and when to see the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights in the Norwegian Fjords during winter.
Winter is the perfect time for Northern Lights viewing in the fjords. Photo by Dan Russon on Unsplash

Where to See the Northern Lights in the Norwegian Fjords

Starting a journey to witness the Northern Lights in the Norwegian fjords requires strategic fjord selection. Each fjord boasts distinctive features, so choosing the right one aligns with the experience you’re seeking. From the iconic Geirangerfjord to the serene Nærøyfjord, understanding the nuances helps tailor your aurora adventure.

Consider factors like clear skies and minimal light pollution, pivotal for optimal viewing conditions. Fjords like Nærøyfjord, situated between towering peaks, offer an intimate setting with minimal interference from city lights. Also, ponder your preferences – do you prefer isolated landscapes or a vibrant local scene? With diverse fjords offering unique experiences, selecting the perfect backdrop enhances the Northern Lights spectacle.

Top Norwegian Fjords to see the Northern Lights

When it comes to catching the Northern Lights show in Norway, certain fjords steal the spotlight:


In Geirangerfjord, impressive waterfalls and dramatic cliffs set the stage for the dance of the Northern Lights during winter. The most famous waterfall is Seven Sisters. This place is the best spot to see the Aurora Borealis in the area.


Nærøyfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. If you’re looking for an intimate view of the Northern Lights in the Norwegian fjords, Nærøyfjord is the place to be.


Trollfjord, in the Lofoten archipelago, is one of the most Instagrammable fjords in Norway to capture the Northern Lights. Its narrow passages create a cozy atmosphere that enhances the magic of the Northern Lights captured through the lens.


Lysefjord is a place of extraordinary beauty, with beautiful nature to explore. It is also home to iconic landmarks like Preikestolen, which can also serve as a spot to observe the Northern Lights when visiting the fjord.


Stretching over 100 kilometers, Hardangerfjord is Norway’s second-longest fjord. In the winter, its icy waters and wild landscapes create a perfect setting for viewing the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights in the fjords of Norway.
Most fjords of Norway offer a chance to see the Northern Lights during winter. Image by Ansgar Scheffold from Pixabay

How to See the Northern Lights in the Norwegian Fjords

Would you like to chase the Northern Lights without the fuss? Several awesome tours offer aurora viewing experiences within the Norwegian fjords. You can enjoy hot cocoa on a Lysefjord cruise while the Northern Lights do their show above. Or, join a Nærøyfjord evening excursion, where expert guides help you capture the lights on camera. Or look into booking one of Hardangerfjord’s evening excursions. Joining a guided tour is the easiest way to explore the fjords when the sun is down, and also experience the magic of the Northern Lights.

You can also see the Northern Lights in the Norwegian fjords without joining a tour. There are many great wild camping spots within the fjords, where you can pitch your tent and wait for the lights to appear. Or you can go there late at night, find a comfy spot, and be patient. Fjords like Nærøyfjord and Trollfjord offer secluded spots for optimal stargazing. Just remember to check the weather forecast, dress in layers, and respect the nature around you.

Northern lights in a fjord of Norway.
The weather in the fjords is chilly during winter. Photo by Uwe Küchler on Unsplash

Tips for Capturing the Northern Lights in the Norwegian Fjords

  1. Check the Weather Forecast: Check Aurora forecasts for the best chances of seeing the Northern Lights in the fjords.
  2. Choose Dark Spots: Head away from city lights to fjords like Nærøyfjord or Trollfjord, offering optimal stargazing conditions.
  3. Pack Warm: Dress in warm layers, bring blankets, and maybe some hot coffee or tea to stay comfortable during the freezing nights.
  4. Bring a Camera: Use a camera with manual settings and a tripod for stable shots. Experiment with exposure times for the best photos.
  5. Be Patient: Northern Lights are unpredictable. So, find a comfortable spot, be patient, and hope to get lucky.
  6. Capture the Environment: Capture the perfect shot by framing the fjord landscapes and letting the beauty of nature blend with the Northern Lights.
  7. Respect Nature: Follow safety guidelines, respect the environment, and leave no trace of your visit to the fjords of Norway.

In conclusion, seeing the Northern Lights in the Norwegian fjords is possible. Follow these tips, prepare yourself for the chill, and let the fjords be your canvas for amazing aurora photos. You can join a tour or try going on your own. Whatever you choose, the auroras dancing above the fjords is an image you will never forget.

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