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One could use numerous adjectives to describe Norway. Beautiful? Absolutely. Majestic? You’d better believe it. Big? Yes! Norway is big!

Norway’s size is something that you should keep in mind when planning your visit. Given the country’s rather limited population, it is surprising how many people think that Norway’s size is also small. The truth, however, is that Norway is a very big country, and the distances between places can be huge.


If you’re planning on staying in Norway for just a few days and intent to land in Oslo, spend a day or two in the city, and then travel northbound to see the Northern Lights, well, now is the time to reconsider. The distance is too long. You’ll need much more than, say, a weekend to travel around.


First things first then, get informed about the distances between the places that interest you. If you are going to Norway for just a few days, it’s better to pick a destination according to what you want to see or do and enjoy everything it has to offer within a reasonable distance.


Here you can find all the information you need in order to decide which places to visit in Norway and of course how to plan your trip to Norway sensibly and without unnecesary risks!

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