Where to See the Aurora Borealis in Norway

Aurora Borealis, Norway

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are a glance to behold — but most of the time they’re hard to find. If you are interested in seeing the aurora borealis, here are some tips to help you get started. Norway is among the best places in the world for viewing the Northern Lights. The country’s northern location is often on the list of top places for viewing aurora borealis. If you want to see the aurora borealis in Norway, there are several places where you can go to take advantage of this natural phenomenon. You’ll need clear skies and good luck, but your patience may be rewarded with an unforgettable experience if all goes well!

What are the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis?

Aurora Borealis means “dawn of the north”

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon in the earth’s atmosphere. They are often referred to as the Aurora Borealis, Latin for “dawn of the north.” The aurora takes place when charged particles from the sun interact with atoms in Earth’s upper atmosphere. The resulting glow can appear in many colors, depending on what gases are present in an aurora. The color is usually green, but other colors include blue and red. The best place to see them is away from towns and cities as they block out the light pollution created by artificial lights. You also need to be far enough north and have clear skies above you.

When to See the Northern Lights in Norway?

Aurora Borealis in winter
Winter is the best time of the year to see the Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis is a spectacular sight, and Norway is one of the best places to see them. While they can be seen everywhere in Norway, some areas are better than others – and some seasons are better than others.

Autumn (September to November)

A good time to see the Northern Lights in Norway is from September to November. The number of daylight hours decreases, the temperature drops, and the nights become darker. These are the perfect conditions for Aurora Borealis to become visible. The autumn months provide excellent opportunities for photographers and other travelers to see the northern lights in Norway.

Winter (December to March)

Norway is an excellent choice as a winter holiday destination. This is when most people travel there. Winter is also when you’re most likely to see the Northern Lights in Norway. In December and January, there are more hours of darkness each day, which means you’ll have more chances to witness these beautiful lights in the sky.

Spring (April to May)

It’s not easy but you can still see the northern lights in Norway during spring when the skies are clear and the winds have died down. This is also when you have a higher chance of seeing meteors in Scandinavia. Meteors are small particles of dust from space burning up as they enter Earth’s atmosphere.

Summer (June to August)

You can still see Aurora Borealis during summer. However, it’s less common as there are more clouds around and fewer clear nights due to longer daylight hours. However, if you’re traveling in Norway between June and August, this is still worth trying out as it might be your only opportunity.

Where to see the Northern Lights?

Seeing Aurora Borealis from Lofoten, Norway
Aurora Borealis from Lofoten, Norway

Norway is one of the best places to see this natural phenomenon, but there are several other great locations around the world where you can catch it too. Here are some of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis in Norway:


Svalbard is far north and very cold. But it’s also one of the most accessible places in Norway when it comes to seeing the Northern Lights. There are many tour operators offering trips out here, so you’re sure to find something that suits your budget and schedule. The lights can be seen from September until March each year, and there are plenty of options for accommodation. So you won’t have any trouble finding somewhere comfortable to stay in!


Bodø is a city in Nordland county, Norway. It’s famous for its fishing industry and as a destination for Northern Lights hunting. The city is surrounded by mountains, fjords, and glaciers that give it a unique look. It’s further south than Svalbard but still well above the Arctic Circle. So it stays dark for much longer during the winter months when there’s more chance of seeing Aurora Borealis!


You can view the northern lights from the city of Tromsø, located in the north of Norway. It’s a popular destination for those who want to see the aurora borealis, and it’s also the best place to view the northern lights in all of Europe. Several hotels and other accommodations offer visitors a chance to stay right next to an observatory where they can see the lights at night. Tromsø is also an excellent place for whale watching. So if you’re interested in seeing both types of wildlife while visiting Norway, this might be the place for you.


Narvik is another excellent place to see the northern lights in Norway. The city is located at the top of Scandinavia and has one of the highest populations of polar bears in all of Europe! While many people visit Narvik just because it’s so remote and beautiful, others come here specifically because they want a chance to see these amazing creatures up close — and possibly even get attacked by one! If you’re interested in participating in extreme sports or just getting away from everything for a while, this could be an excellent place for you.


Trondheim is located in the middle of Norway and has a population of around 200,000 people as of 2020. It is a great place to go if you want to experience city life and nature at its finest. There are several museums, churches, and other landmarks worth visiting in Trondheim. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars for those who wish to enjoy themselves after dark!


Lyngenfjord is located in Telemark County. Aurora Borealis is visible from Lyngenfjord most of the time in winter. Here you will also find some incredible scenery along with plenty of activities such as hiking and biking trails, water sports, etc. This area is mainly known for its natural beauty. So if you are looking for some peace, this would be an ideal location for you!


This island is a good place for seeing the Aurora Borealis because it’s far from the cities and has a lot of open space. You can see them from the shore or rent a boat and go out into the water to see them better. The northern lights will appear as green or white streaks across the sky, but they can also occur as red or blue.


Vesteralen is an island that’s located in Northern Norway near Tromso. This island is popular for its natural beauty and wildlife, including reindeer and polar bears. There are many places on this island where you can go to see the Aurora Borealis, including Kvalvika Beach and Storsteinen Mountain. If you want a break from civilization when looking for the northern lights, this is a great place to visit!

The Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands are located in the Norwegian Sea and are a great place to see the Northern Lights. These islands are famous for their fishing villages and stunning scenery, making them a popular tourist destination in Norway. You can see the Northern Lights here at any time of the year, but they’re most visible between October and April.

Nordkapp (The North Cape)

Nordkapp is located at the northernmost point of mainland Europe, making it an ideal place to see the Aurora Borealis. This area is also known as “Europe’s last wilderness” due to its untouched nature, making it an excellent destination for anyone seeking an escape from civilization. The Northern Lights can be seen here between September and March every year.

Can you See the Northern Lights from Oslo or Bergen?

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are a spectacle of nature that is best seen in remote areas away from cities. But even in these cities, you can still see a faint glow. If you want to see the lights in full color, it’s best to head north. If you are visiting Oslo or Bergen, Norway, you might be wondering whether you can see the Aurora Borealis from there. The short answer is yes. Oslo has a few good locations to spot the northern lights, while Bergen has more than 20 spots to see them.


The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, are an unforgettable experience for those who witness them. The best place to see this phenomenon varies depending on the season of your trip. There is a wide range of locations where seeing the Aurora Borealis is possible. So choose the right season, plan your trip to Norway, and hope for the best!

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