The Best Places to See the Northern Lights in Denmark

Northern Lights Denmark

Denmark is a great place to see the Northern lights, but it’s not an easy thing to do. This year, there were plenty of opportunities to see the Aurora Borealis, but we had some trouble capitalizing on them. The best part about the Northern lights in Denmark is that you can see them from your home.

On the nights with the highest probability of spotting them, the cities turn off the streetlights for two hours, and you can see them even in town. You can also go on special tours to spots outside the city where you know they’ll be exceptionally bright or where there is less light pollution.

Does Copenhagen have Northern Lights?

Northern Lights in Copenhagen
Northern Lights are weak and rarely visible in Copenhagen

The northern lights are very rare in Copenhagen. They can be seen from time to time, but not too often. The city is situated in the southern part of Scandinavia where the northern lights are rarely visible. The only places in Denmark where you can see the Northern lights are along the west coast and some islands in the southwest of Jutland.

What are the Best Months to See the Northern Lights in Denmark?

The best time to see the Northern Lights in Denmark is between October and February. During winter, the weather conditions are most favorable for viewing this natural phenomenon. The Northern Lights result from charged particles from the sun entering our atmosphere. When these particles collide with gases, they create an electromagnetic radiation display that can be seen in the sky.

The Northern lights vary in intensity depending on the amount of activity on the sun and how many particles reach our planet. By far, the best time to see the Northern lights in Denmark is during the winter months. Fewer clouds and more darkness, make it easier to spot them in the night sky.

Where Can you See the Northern Lights in Denmark?

The Northern Lights in Denmark
Beaches are good spots to see the Northern lights in Denmark

The Northern lights or Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon visible from just a few places in the north. Some places are better than others, but if you want to see them, your best bet is to go to Norway. If you are not interested in using all that money on a plane ticket and hotel room, there are some great places in Denmark where you can see the lights too:


This small city is located in Jutland, in northern Denmark. It is home to some architectural masterpieces designed by Utzon and Aalto. Aalborg is also favored for its beaches, which are popular among tourists during summer. In winter, the beaches around Aalborg become an ideal place to spot the Northern Lights in Denmark. However, there are no guarantees that Aurora Borealis will be visible from Aalborg even if the circumstances are ideal.


Skagen is one of the few places that offer a chance to spot the Northern lights in Denmark. The winter months are the best time to view the Aurora Borealis in Skagen. However, just like Aalborg – even under perfect circumstances – there are no guarantees that the lights will be visible.

A boat tour can be booked at the port of Skagen if the weather allows it. These tours usually last 2-3 hours, during which you will stop in different locations to look for the northern lights. You may also see other beautiful sights such as stars and planets or constellations.


Grenen is the northernmost point of Denmark and the point where the seas of Skagerak and Kattegat meet. The beach offers rare natural beauty and panoramic views of the sea and sky. Grenen beach can also deliver fantastic views of the Northern Lights during winter, and its surroundings are breathtaking at sunset or sunrise.


This island is among the best places to see the Northern Lights in Denmark. It is a few kilometers off the Jutland peninsula and it’s the first renewable island in the world. Featuring picturesque small villages and landscapes, Samsø provides plenty of options for a quality stay while waiting for Aurora Borealis. So, if you are visiting Denmark and want to see the lights, this is an excellent option!

Where Can you See the Northern Lights in Faroe Islands?

Northern lights in Faroe Islands
The Faroe Islands is the best place in Denmark to spot the Northern Lights

The Faroe Islands are a North Atlantic Archipelago and a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Because of its geographical location, it is also a great place to experience the phenomenon of the Northern lights. In this context, here are the best places in Faroe Islands to enjoy the Aurora Borealis in all its glory:


The place to see Northern Lights in Denmark is the village of Gásadalur. It is located on an island off the south coast of Iceland. The island has 100 people, and it is a heaven for birdwatchers, who come here to observe puffins, guillemots, and eider ducks. One of the focal attractions here is the birds. But what about the Northern Lights? If you are lucky enough to see Aurora Borealis from here, it is a spectacular sight indeed. You can still stay at one of the beautiful hotels on this island or rent a cabin to spend a few days there.

Lake Sørvágsvatn

Another place that you should go if you want to see Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands is Lake Sørvágsvatn, which is located near the town of Skálafjørður. Mountains and hills surround this lake. So if you can find yourself on top of one of these hills while waiting for Aurora Borealis, you will have a fantastic view!

Bøur Village

There are many areas you can watch the lights from your home or bed if you don’t want to sleep outside. But if you want to experience them in their full glory, there’s only one option: you’ll have to get out into nature and sleep under open skies. There are plenty of places to do this — from campsites to hotels — but we recommend Bøur Village in Skálafjørður Bay on Streymoy Island. This village is right next to an area called Gjógv, which has been declared an official Dark Sky Park by UNESCO because it has no light pollution.

Fossá waterfall

The waterfall of Fossá is located on the east coast of the Faroe Islands, in the village of Saksun. The waterfall is a natural wonder and one of the most famous sites in northern Europe. It has a height of 112 meters, and it is possible to see it from different angles thanks to its location at the top of a mountain. It is also possible to walk along its path and enjoy the view up close.


Funningur is located on the south coast of Funen and offers stunning views over the sea and mountains. Still, one of the most popular ways to get there is by walking through Funning Skov (Forest). Then, cross over to Funningur Beach, where you can admire the view while enjoying a meal at a restaurant.

Kallur Lighthouse

Kallur lighthouse is located on the west coast of Zealand and offers a good vantage point for viewing the northern lights from November until March. The lighthouse was built in 1883 to warn ships about shallow waters around Kallur Island. The lighthouse is open to all visitors all year round except during storms or strong winds.

How long do Northern Lights last?

Northern lights in Denmark duration
The Northern lights usually don’t last longer than a few minutes

They last from a few minutes to several hours. The longer they stay, the better chance you have at catching a glimpse. There are no guarantees about seeing the Northern Lights. You can plan all you want, but sometimes they just don’t cooperate, and you’re left disappointed. The good news is that there’s some science behind how this phenomenon works, and if you follow these tips, your chances of seeing them will increase significantly!


it is possible to view the northern lights in Denmark, though it’s not an everyday occurrence. As a general rule, they’re seen most clearly in the far north of the country, i.e., along the border with Sweden and Norway. The further north you travel in those regions, the better your chances of seeing them. The clearest view is said to be from small islands off of Jutland, while city views may offer a less clear but still scenic view.

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