The Best Places for Hiking in Oslo

hiker in Oslo

Do you know that two-thirds of Oslo city consists of forests, lakes, fjords, and hills? Simply put, you will always have a chance to hike and explore the capital of Norway. Moreover, you get easy-to-navigate public transport to reach your hiking trails. You can swiftly travel from the center of a large metropolis to the wilderness. From easy to highly challenging, there are hikes for every skill level. The top routes for hiking in Oslo are listed here.

Vettakollen hike

Vattakollen hiking place
Houses in Vattakollen

If you are up for a short hike in Oslo, then go for the Vettakollen walk. Locals and visitors to Norway who live in Oslo agree that this is one of Oslo’s most popular short hikes. After reaching the hike’s summit, you will see Oslo fjord and the islands in the expansive vista. Moreover, you can indulge in skiing and snowboarding at the Holmenkollen ski jump, a little further than the hike summit.

While hiking at the Vettakollen, you will see Norwegians circling the bone fires, preparing sausages, lounging in the hammocks, or taking a break after the ascent. Vettakollen has a great, welcoming vibe. You will certainly get a good taste of Norwegian and Scandinavian culture.

It will take you around an hour to complete the 2.5-kilometer roundtrip trail to the Vettakollen viewpoint. Moreover, 180 meters of elevation make it possible for you to reach the top and breath in the fantastic views of Oslo. If you feel more active, there are a ton of alternative hiking possibilities after reaching the summit, such as Sognsvann lake.

Sognsvann Lake

Hiking in Oslo, Sognsvann Lake
View of Sognsvann lake from the hiking trail

As of Sognsvann, this track is for you if you’re looking for a pleasant hike with beautiful vistas and a high elevation over wooded hills. You can stroll to the lake on the gravel trail and explore the most beautiful area for hiking in Oslo. After wandering around the lake, you can take the 5 km (3 mi) trail deep into the forest. This trail will lead you to a surprise, the serene Nedre Blanksj lake. This lake is hidden among the trees with incredible vistas.

Sognsvann Lake is hardly visited despite being very close to Oslo’s geographic center. It is perfect for anyone wishing to escape the city’s hectic pace. You can hike here in all seasons. You will love to indulge in swimming fun or picnic by the lake in the summer. And in the winter, you will fall in love with this wonderland of frozen lakes and snow-covered trees.


Nordmarka Oslo hiking
Hiking in Nordmarka

Oslo’s neighborhood, Frognerseteren, is in Nordmarka (often known as the “northern forest”). It is a popular entry spot for lots of leisure skiing and hiking in Oslo.

Visitors and people of all fitness levels can enjoy this 5 km (3 mi) hike, which offers stunning views of Oslo. Take Subway Line 1 to Lillevann, a small lake east of the station. You begin your descent to the Frognersetern Restaurant after this.

This is the ideal location to experience authentic Norwegian cuisine while taking in the breathtaking views of Oslo and the Oslofjord. It was established in 1891 and is the ideal location to savor classic Scandinavian cuisine.

Keep going down to Holmenkollen Ski Slope after that. The world’s oldest ski museum, which showcases more than 4,000 years of skiing history, is located beneath the ski jump. Oslo can be viewed in all its glory from the viewing deck at the top of the jump tower.

Grefsenkollen Oslo hike

Hiking in Oslo and Grefsenkollen
View of Oslo from Grefsenkollen hiking trail

Grefsenkollen is yet another popular vantage point for hiking in Oslo, mainly for seeing the sunset in Oslo. In addition to hiking, you can travel there on Sundays by car or bus. Nevertheless, a quick stroll through the woods is ideal for getting to the vista.

One of Oslo’s premier eateries and a bar offering coffee and pastries are at the top. Just be careful to double-check the restaurant’s hours. Because they occasionally stop serving early, particularly during the winter. There is a lot of outdoor lounging available in the summer. And you can bring your own snacks and beverages to enjoy the sunset.

It doesn’t take long to hike to Grefsenkollen. Typically, you can complete the hike in two hours. The starting point at which you begin the walk will determine how long it will take. It may be 3 to 5 kilometers or longer. Akebakkeskogen Street leads into the sandy path that will take you to the peak if you keep hiking to the very end. You can continue your trek from Grefsenkollen into the woods and stop by a neighboring lake and the Trollvannstua restaurant.

Akerselva River Hike

Hiking in Akerselva river
Akerselva river

The tour down the Akerselva river is a good option if you prefer not to leave town but are searching for some easy hikes in nature. Anywhere along the stretch of the river, you can embark and explore beautiful landscapes in any direction.

Start your stroll farther away from the Kjelsås train station, near the Norsk Teknisk Museum (the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology). You can next turn around and walk back in the direction of the city. From there, you can stroll toward the Maridalsvannet lake. Since the lake provides the city’s drinking water, accessibility is prohibited, but you may still see it from above.

Swimming and picnicking on the grass are highly popular activities in the summer, next to the river. The area is very green, giving you the impression that you are outside the city but you are still near public transportation if you become exhausted and want to return.



A little peninsula called Bygdøy is located just west of the town’s heart. At Oslo Main Station, take the subway and exit at Karenslyst allé. The route begins at Dronning Blancas view, just over the motorway. The most renowned museums in Oslo are located there, making it one of the ideal locations to explore the nearby natural beauty.

In the center of Oslo, there is a 7 km modest circle path surrounding Bygdy that exhibits lovely untamed flora and provides a variety of recreational advantages. From the enigmatic woods to the picturesque coastline, there are plenty of fantastic views across Bygdøy’s Beachfront. It involves more of a stroll than hiking, and all the routes are well-maintained and signed.

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