Is Malmö Dangerous for Tourists?

Malmö dangerous

From its modest beginnings as a ferry stop for local bishops in the 13th century to the vibrant, dynamic, and lively city it is today, Malmö’s development has taken an eccentric turn. But one question that you might ask is “is Malmö dangerous for tourists?”.

Malmö is a relatively secure city as long as visitors exercise caution, but discretion is still advised. Malmö is safe by European standards but it also is one of the most dangerous cities in Scandinavia. Compared to the national average, the region exhibits a high crime ratio of 56.14 and several murders of 2.9 per 100,000 residents.

Malmö is the third-largest city in Sweden and an important corporate hub. Aside from intriguing architecture, the metropolis is also home to museums, theaters, and other tourist destinations. In this article, we will discuss whether Malmö is dangerous for tourists. So let’s get to it!

Is Malmö Safe to Travel?

is Malmö main square dangerous
The main square of Malmö is the safest area of the city

Although Malmö has a low crime risk, it is certainly not without crime. But compared to other European cities of the same size, Malmö is not dangerous. Tourists should avoid regions far from the city center, and never go for a nighttime stroll. You won’t get into problems if you exercise a bit of caution. If you want to feel 100% safe in Malmö, try joining one of the following guided tours:

What Are the Transport & Taxi Risks?

Both the public transport system and cabs are generally safe in Malmö. You will notice that the buses follow a set timetable, which makes getting around the city reasonably convenient for tourists. Still, if you travel during busy hours or peak times, you should exercise caution for pickpockets. Finally, it is better to take a taxi late at night.

What Is the Pickpocket Risk in Malmö?

The risk of pocket-picking and purse-snatching in Malmö is not high. Still, such culprits frequently operate in tourist attractions and public transportation. Therefore, it is vital to exercise caution whenever you travel via public transit. Moreover, avoid traveling with precious belongings and jewelry, a lot of cash, or original documents.

What Are the Natural Disaster Risks in Malmö?

While Malmö’s climate is friendly, flooding, earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions are common in the Malmö area. But don’t refrain from traveling to Malmö because of natural disasters, as those dangers do not frequently occur. With caution and by familiarizing yourself with the local weather conditions before traveling, you can safely maneuver through the city.

What Is the Mugging Risk in Malmö?

Malmö is generally a safe city in Sweden, with few significant mugging or kidnapping risks. However, as with any other big city, you should exercise caution. Traveling to remote areas and suburbs at night is not always safe. It is best to lock your car and bicycle and not carry a lot of valuables to reduce the mugging risk. Also, if you return to the hotel after midnight, use a taxi.

What Is the Terrorism Risk in Malmö?

You might have heard of terrorist attacks in Sweden but not in Malmö. It is safe to say that the terrorist attacks will not be a problem for you when you visit Malmö. Although very unlikely, this risk still exists, so it’s better to be 100% safe. For that reason, you must avoid participating in political rallies and large gatherings and stay away from crowded areas.

What Are the Scam Risks in Malmö?

The risk of being scammed in Malmö is low to medium. As with any other place, most fraud happens via phone, SMS, and email. So if you use common sense, you are not at risk. For example, do not share your account credentials and other personal information with third parties.

Is Malmö Dangerous for Women Travelers?

Apart from the city’s outskirts after dark, Malmö is typically secure for women traveling alone. Your journey should be pleasant if you just use rational thinking and stay away from empty, dimly lighted streets and neighborhoods.

parks in Malmö may get dangerous
Parks in Malmö are safe in the daytime and dangerous in the nighttime

Should I Travel to Malmö Alone?

The answer is yes! Malmö has a moderate crime rate and is considered much safer than other comparable-sized European cities. The majority of crimes involve robberies, carjackings, assaults, and vandalism. Moreover, it is better to stay away from Rosengård, especially at night. This is probably the most dangerous district in the city. Drug trafficking and racial harassment are safety issues in this region. But most likely you won’t get into problems if you are keen and keep an eye on your surroundings.

Furthermore, it is recommended to stay away from Malmö’s suburbs because they have the highest crime rates. Also, avoid attracting the eye of crooks by not carrying a lot of cash or pricey items. You better avoid going for a solo, late-night walk in the city.

Generally speaking, thieves do not target visitors, so you can walk freely throughout Malmö during the day. And the best part is the police do their job fast and effectively. So, if you run into any problems, call the police right away, and you will be in safe hands.

underground railway station in Malmö
Beware of your personal belongings at the underground railway station in Malmö
Safety Tips for Traveling to Malmö

As it was already mentioned, Malmö is generally safe compared to most European cities. It continues to rank among the safest cities of the same size. Nevertheless, the situation is progressively getting riskier. But you won’t have any problems if you know how to be cautious in Malmö. Below are a few safety tips for traveling to Malmö.

  1. Take care of your valuables within and around train and bus stations. Keep your possessions and money close to you because this is a typical dark corner for pickpockets.
  2. If you’re going into the woods, understand what to expect and be well-prepared. Before traveling, ensure you carry all the required supplies and a map and have your homework done on the location.
  3. Stay away from fights; you might witness some during closing time outside bars and nightclubs. Avoid becoming involved and walk away.
  4. Use insect repellent and cover yourself to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. In the summertime, these can be severe annoyances.
  5. The climate in Malmö can change suddenly, and severe snowdrifts might result from strong winds. Be careful to gear up for subzero temperatures because Sweden may get cold!
The knotted gun in Malmö
‘The Knotted Gun’ statue is a symbol of non-violence in Malmö

Even though Sweden remains one of the safest countries in the world, there are still a few unforeseen dangers to be aware of. So it is best to use rational thinking and avoid getting into raucous groups of people late at night. Moreover, avoiding traveling to suburbs late at night is also recommended. In light of this, prepare to have a fantastic time in Malmö because it has so much to offer.

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